We can support your Flight Operations by providing Planning, Monitoring and Problem-solving. Below is a list of some of the services we offer.

Operational Control / OCC

   Managing Utilization Of Aircraft And Crew.

   Reacting To Operations Irregularities.

   Activating Standby Crew When Needed.

   Internal And External Communication And Coordination.

   Monitoring Weather And NOTAM's.

   Selling Of ACMI And Charter Flights On Short Notice.

   Slot Requests And Overflight Permits.


   Planning Of Crew Rosters.

   Booking Of Deadhead Transportation & Hotel Accommodation.

   Handling Of Crew Schedule Requests.

   Optimization Of Flight Schedule To Improve Utilization Of Crew Ressources

Flight Planning

   Creating And Filing Valid Flight Plans.

   Rerouting To Avoid CTOT Restrictions.

   Performance Optimization.

Consultancy Services

   Training Of Scheduling And OCC Staff.

   Development Of Procedures, Processes & Manuals.

   Optimization Of Planning.